Friday March 9 with 8h 03 the plane "Princess Astrid " took her flight from the aerodrome Evere to carry out, in four stages, the air link Brussels-Congo. During a few moments the silver plated silhouette of the heavy aircraft - 3200 kilos truck load - cut out on the sky. Three quarters of hour later, in the impossibility of boring the wall of fog, the plane made an abrupt landing in the south of the province of Namur, near by the French border, in Vodelée. In front of the stray of their aircraft, the aviators had to give up their excursion.   1. Three covered aviators of their combination at the time to take seat in the fuselage: the Lang pilot, the Thieffry lieutenant-aviator, Mr. Quersin.   2. The plane flies away.   3. Good-byes of Mrs. Lang, mother of the pilot.   4. What you want ", declares the Thieffry aviator, "on is always at the thank you of similar tears”.   5. Stray of the plane, charged on a dray, awaiting its return in Brussels.