Condensed appendices of Moniteur belge on the company Ateliers Fred Herrmann

 Company  of  Ateliers  Fred  Herrmann  (1928 - 1931)
Ateliers Fred Herrmann, limited company

Constituted on February 6, 1928 at boulevard Anspach 60, Brussels by :
1. Robert Van Meenen, industrialist, street Emmanuel Van Driessche 57, Ixelles, 26 actions
2. Raoul de Glymes de Hollebecque, engineer, American street 78, Ixelles, 30 actions
3. Roberti-Lintermans emery, industrialist, street of the Mall, 48, Ixelles, 19 actions
4. Alfred, known as Fred, Herrmann, engineer, which occurred Lambeau 120, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, 40 actions
5. Ernest Van Pee, industrialist, street of Parishioners 11, Brussels, 40 actions
6. Marcel Francotte, countable expert, roadway of Charleroi 173, Saint-Gilles-lez-Bruxelles, 5 actions
7. Armand Bede, stockbroker, which occurred Milcamps 59, Schaerbeek, 40 actions

The company have like objective all the operations generally unspecified, commercial, financial, industrial, movable or real being referred directly or indirectly to construction, the sale, the purchase, the representation of material automobile, naval, of cartage, wireless telegraphy and others.

Robert Van Meenen, industrialist, Raoul de Glymes de Hollebecque and Emeri Roberti-Lintermans are called with the functions of administrators and MarcelFrancotte to the function of commissaire

At the time of the general assembly of March 17, 1930, the assessment at December 31, 1929 and it profit and loss account are approved while P. Van Meenen (55, street of Mont Blanc, Brussels) is named commissaire to replace Mr. Francotte and A. Ducelier (1bis, street Van Lérius, Antwerp) is named administrator in the place of E Roberti-Lintermans.
No change at the time of the publication of the assessment at December 31, 1930 and it profit and loss account.

July 7, 1931, the company is put in voluntary liquidation.

BAHA Contact number 20 of December 2000;

A fact which is generally not known, is that the company was implied in the construction of the Plane of Glymes DG-10 (also mentioned like DG-X). But the book with the certificates of registration to the Administration of Aeronautics (today of DG Aviation), the only source of official information on the planes of before the 2e world war, mentions clearly the manufacturer Ateliers Fred Herrmann.
Here what this source says :

Certificate of registration number 232
Type of Glymes DG-10 (job number?) (engine Fox 100 HP)
02.02.1931 registered in the name of R. Vandevelde, Haren
12.11.1931 change of owner P.J. Guldentops, Haren
01.03.1932 change of owner R. of Glymes, (Brussels)
02.06.1932 (date of invoice 26.04.1932) change of owner Purfina SA, (Brussels)
25.04.1934 (date of invoice 26.03.1934) change of owner J De Vogelaer, (Koekelberg)