ALFRED HERRMANN (1895 - 1980)




Alfred Herrmann was born in Brussels in 1895. With the end of the First World War he undertakes studies of engineer at the university of Brussels where he specializes in the aeronautical construction industry. As soon as graduate, he integrated in France first the factories of manufacture of Farman planes then a whole new factory of aeronautical construction, the "Ateliers des Mureaux" of the Pélabon brothers and he will pass his pilot's license there..

Of return in Belgium in 1924, Alfred Herrmann reaches a post of technical director within the company ACAZ, company which had like main goal the construction of entirely metal planes. He then directs the construction of ACAZ T1 and T2, planes drawn by famous engineer Alfred Renard who became one of his close relations. Then he draws in its turn the plans of a new fighter intended for the Belgian Air Force, C2. Rene Bulté will assist him in his functions at the time of the construction of the aircraft.

Acaz T1

Acaz C2

In 1928, Alfred Herrmann and some friends create a new company, Ateliers Fred Herrmann, within which he takes part in the manufacture of the de Glymes DG X, a two-seater aircraft drawn by his friend engineer Raoul de Glymes de Hollebecque. The aircraft, driven by an engine Renard 100 HP, was recorded with the register of the certificates of Belgian registration of 1931 to 1935 pennies registration 00-AKV.

De Glymes DG X

In 1929, Alfred Herrmann leaves the aeronautical world, abandons whife and children and leaves to settle in Romania where he reaches a post of director of a gas works located at Galatz. He will be also named with the function of Consul of Belgium. He returns to Belgium at the end of the 1950s where he will work a few times in Belgonucléaire.


In 1974 he writes an article entitled "A propos de la mort de Charles Lindbergh"

Some photographs collected by Alfred Herrmann