Aircrafts appearing in the newspaper "Illustration" of November, 1938

From left to right, Junker Ju-90 and De Haviland DH-89 (Cologne airport)


Le Bourget airport

Handley Page factory at Cricklewood

Junker factory

Junker factory

Amiot 370

 Bloch 220 (Air France)

PZL-44 Wisher

De Haviland DH-89  in front of Junker Ju-52

Short S-20 Mercury (the small) and Short S-21 Maïa

Douglas DC-2 (Swissair )

Handley Page HP-52 Hampden

Handley Page HP-42W / HP-45 Hanno (Imperial Airways)

Illouchine I-16

Junker Ju-86

Junker Ju-87 Stuka

Latécoère Lieutenant-de-vaisseau-Paris

Lockheed L-14 Super Electra (KLM )


 Potez 62 (Air France)

Potez 63

Potez 63

Potez factury

Potez 662

PZL P-38 Wilk

PZL P-37 Los

PZL LWS-3 Mewa

PZL P-46 Sum

Savoia-Marchetti S-73

Preparing meal inboard Short S-17 (Imperial Airways - Londron/Paris)

Vickers Wellesley